Top 5 Highest Paid Actors in India


The Indian film industry, famously called Bollywood, has much to its glittery and glamorous life. The actors in industry are among highest paid actors in the world. Although, the competition the actors face is real and not everyone is able to make it big in the movie industry; there are some of those talented and hardworking people who win the hearts of all their fans every time they make a movie. Indian films are one of the highest earning platforms, which make huge amount of profits and money. Since the films are making the kind of business they do, the actors are paid equally heavily and are some of the richest people in the world. Here is the list of the highest paid actor in India and includes the top 5 of them:

  1. Shah Rukh Khan: No prize for guessing, the king khan of Bollywood as he is adorably known, earns the highest amount of money and is the highest paid actor in India. Shah Rukh Khan started his career very early on with television and moved to doing main stream cinema soon. All the 90s kids would remember that SRK was the heartthrob of the nation and the ideal romantic man for all the teenage girls. His fan following rose with movies like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and so on. His recent run in the movies has also been impressive and he remains one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood.
  2. Salman Khan: Known as the ‘Bhai’ of Bollywood, Salman Khan has come a long way in his career to be at the highest position today. He is the second highest paid actor in India today and is definitely one of the finest actors of the industry. His fans are crazy in love with him and so is he. Salman Khan has not only won big movies but also many hearts in his career.
  3. Akshay Kumar: The ‘Khiladi’ of Bollywood is the third highest paid actor in India. Known for his action movies and for pulling off stunts on his own in most of his movies, he is the quintessential hero of Bollywood movies. However, his recent strings of movies with social messages have gained his more fans than ever due to his meaningful cinema.
  4. Aamir Khan: He is known as ‘The Perfectionist’ in the industry precisely because there was and there can be no body like Aamir Khan. His recent movie Dangal made hundreds of crores of rupees at the box office!
  5. Hrithik Roshan: Greek god-like looks, amazing physique and the dance moves that cannot be matched, Hrithik Roshan is more than perfect! He is the 5th highest paid actor in India.

Their amazing talent, hard work and persistence has made them the highest paid actor in India today. Such fine actors are definitely here to stay to bring more laurels to our country!


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