Basic Rules to Pair Your Watch with The Suit

Basic Rules to Pair Your Watch with The Suit

August 27, 2021 0 By Philip Williams

Most men generally try to pair their watch with their suit when they attend any special event or even an important business meeting. People no longer prefer to wear their watches just to tell time as these days, your mobile phone will tell you time more accurately.

So, we can say that mens watches these days are simply meant for their fashion statement or personal style statement. Surely by wearing a suit in an immaculate combination, you will be considered as the best-dressed man present in the room. A great watch will certainly add further grace to your personality.

Let us, therefore, in this article, discuss a few basic rules to follow while wearing mens watches in the UK from the House of Watches along with a graceful suit.

  1. The name of the occasion

As a thumb rule, the more formal your event is, you will prefer a less complicated watch. Generally, metal straps are considered less formal, but a black leather strap is considered the most appropriate.

  1. Match the color right

Like ladies, watches are always matched with the color of the dress; similarly, you must pair your watch with the color of your suit right. Also, with other accessories, you should ensure that your watch complements the color of the clothing.

  1. Straps can be your friend.

Not only will your dial of the watch, but also your strap also get enough attention from people around. Try to match with either the buckle of the belt if you are wearing a metallic strap and if wearing leather strap, then match it with your belt.

  1. Pair watches with outfits 

Try and match your type of watch with what you are wearing and also the activities that you will be engaged in each day. If you are not too sure what you are going to do then try to pair it with your clothes.

  1. Oversized watches are no longer preferred.

Oversized watches these days have become normal men’s styles. The purpose of this trend is only to scream for attention. However, an oversized watch will dwarf your wrist and can throw off the entire proportions of your outfit and should be avoided with a suit.

  1. Make it fit

Your watch must fit you properly in the following 2 key ways:

  • The band must fit snugly but comfortably
  • The size of your dial must be proportional to the wrist

Any loose band will look sloppy, so get it sized as per your wrist by taking it to your jeweler.

  1. Avoid wearing the same watch daily.

Avoid wearing the same watch even if you have only one nice watch for several reasons. 

  • Firstly, if you love your watch, then give it a break
  • Secondly, one watch can hardly suit all kinds of outfits

You must wear different watches for the office, sporting events, the gym, dinners out, and parties.

  1. Skip the bling

If you wear a diamond-encrusted watch, then it will be appropriate if you are a music mogul, but as a well-dressed gentleman, it will be a mismatch.