Fascinating Wedding Plans are Now Possible At Marbella

Fascinating Wedding Plans are Now Possible At Marbella

October 11, 2021 0 By Philip Williams

Plan a wedding over several days and with local activities to discover the destination. If you are getting married abroad the idea is obviously to favor a wedding over several days to have full time to enjoy it. Usually bride and groom choose the same accommodation space for themselves and their guests and when their budget allows it, a convivial evening the day before such as a cocktail reception for example and a brunch the next day.

Sometimes even for weddings in smaller groups, we have the chance to organize and create tailor-made activities and outings: cultural rally, sports activities, local discoveries or even treasure hunts for children. You might as well say that this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your guests who will have made the trip and make them discover a destination with you in a friendly, fun and totally personalized way. In marbella-wedding.com you can have the right deals.

Plan for Public Transport

Also remember to organize all the details that can facilitate the stay of your guests on site: airport shuttle, shuttle to and from the wedding party, etc. Some of your guests are not necessarily used to traveling and may not know the destination, its customs and traditions as well as you. Whether you choose cars, 4 × 4, mini-bus or bus, the idea is to facilitate the movements of your guests in advance so that everything goes perfectly for you as well as for them on D-Day.

Provide At Least One in Situ Location If Possible

When planning a destination wedding, the ideal is to always plan for in situ scouting. Even though we can manage everything remotely, going there to validate the spaces and all the details of organization and design is still preferable. But sometimes it happens that the timings do not coincide, that the destinations are too far apart, that absences from work are impossible during this given period. This is totally possible, of course, but with an additional source of stress for the bride and groom. Therefore, remember to surround yourself well.

Call On a Wedding Planner

The best advice when you get married abroad is to surround yourself as best as possible with recognized professionals and preferably from the destination, or who know it perfectly. So do not hesitate to contact a wedding planner who can organize all the details of your wedding for you (research, logistics, negotiation etc.) while you are at a distance. You will thus be taken in hand from A to Z with the assurance that everything is going perfectly and according to your wishes before and during your D-Day, with all the providers that you will have validated together. At the Casa de La era Marbella you can plan for the best.

Provide Additional Costs

Once again, teaming up with a travel advisor who is an expert in destination weddings could prevent you from unpleasant surprises as to the additional fees that the hotel could charge you once there.