Fashion tips to make your legs look longer

Fashion tips to make your legs look longer

August 1, 2021 0 By Philip Williams

Even in today’s highly developed fashion world, there are some things that are unchangeable. It is easy to change the color of your hair, straighten it or curl it, use a lens to change the color of your eye or exercise to get into desired shape but what you have no control over is your height. What is more, wanting the unattainable is common and having longer, thinner legs is every girl’s dream

Here are the following tips one needs to take care-

  1. One of the simplest ways is to wear a short dress. Shorter hemlines always do the trick as the more you expose your legs, the longer they’ll look. Make sure your hemline ends at the part of your leg that is thinnest which leads to people assuming that the rest of the leg is thin too but be careful because if your hem reaches below your knee you might appear shorter.
  2. Wearing heels makes you look taller and hence adds length to your legs. Also, wearing heels works your leg muscles and makes them appear toned. A particular trick is to wear nude heeled stilettos or sandals that don’t break your legs and show more skin while creating the perfect optical illusion for your legs to look longer whereas a rounded or square toe brings the opposite effect.
  3. Wearing the right clothes is very crucial. Avoid anything with horizontal stripes and go for vertical stripes or pin striped clothes which make the legs visually longer. It makes the eye travel the length of the pants and wearing your pants in a way that they cover your heels is a good trick as it gives a monochromatic appearance when somebody looks at you.
  4. Wearing pencil skirts with your shirt tucked in is slimming. A pencil skirt begins just below the ribs and hence makes your legs look longer than they actually are. Wearing high waisted pants work in a similar fashion where it creates an illusion of your hips being higher up and thus making your legs long.
  5. Wearing long monochromatic outfits works too. When people’s eyes travel from head to toe covered with a single color, it makes you look taller and your legs are assumed to be longer.
  6. Empire waisted dresses that begin just below your bust makes you look taller. Pair it up with a pair of wedges or stilettos to project a much taller and leaner image.

Try to explore more styles at So, even though there’s no way you can actually change your height, or the length of your legs, there are a few ways to make them look longer.