How To Keep Your Hair Healthy After Colouring

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy After Colouring

February 2, 2022 0 By Philip Williams

10 Commandments to Follow After Coloring … So you have joined the Colourist surname, you have been misbehaving with your choice of shade. But even though Colorista formulas care, coloured hair just needs proper care So how do you keep your new colour – and your hair silky, shiny and smooth? There are 10 top secrets that every Colorista should know.

10 steps to follow after colouring…

1. Wash your hair regularly

When you wash too much, your colour will fade quickly – that’s very easy. So buy out time from your daily routine and skip regular laundry. The best way to take care of your natural black hair colour is to wash only two or three times a week – and then soak the oil in those roots with dry shampoo when needed.

2. Jump straight to the conditioner

So, you have trouble getting out of the shower every day – you have been doing that for years. At the very least, put your hair on a “low poo” diet by skipping the shampoo and jumping straight to the conditioner. You will add softness, shine and healthy food – all without washing away that crazy colour.

3. Choose the right shampoo

There is a reason why a colour-protective shampoo was developed. While some common shampoos can cleanse your complexion and speed up the process, colour formulas actually work to protect your complexion, helping to keep your pale, clear or metallic shade looking beautiful and vibrant. Whatever you do, choose a “low sulphate” shampoo as it will help you in maintaining your natural black hair colour.

4. Status, status, status

When we colour our hair, it may become a little thin. This helps the colour make it stand out and therefore, this is where the fading happens. So let oil, butter, conditioning polymers and other hydrating elements often get into a good conditioner to help build a protective barrier and help prevent your colour from making a bid for freedom.

5. Heat Protection

They work – In particular, the ingredients in the heat protection sprays reduce heat damage, almost in the evening how hot hair is. However, they can not prevent your hair from doing too much damage, so you still need to reduce your hair exposure to style heat!

6. Make time for masks

Did we mention the situation? At best, it came back with a number six. If you have ever been on a colour vacation and are worried about hiding a face, now is the time to get back in the cart. Just 5-10 minutes of face mask twice a week can add a great amount of healing nourishment that helps repair the damage, increase lightness – and naturally, keep that natural black hair colour going strong for longer.

7. The air is dry

There’s a backlash repetition in the middle of the style set – and we think we know why. Colour addicts – that’s a second favourite – know that all that heat from dryers, straightening irons and curling tongs can not only damage the hair but also complicate play in excess moisture loss and jeopardize that radiant colour. Use Hair Oil to moisturize the hair to nourish and add shine – all of which helps to preserve your colour from the dangers of the hairdryers and don’t allow grey hair very soon.

8. Apply filters

One of the longest-lasting enemies, the brightest colour is UV light from the sun. Even in winter when the days seem dark, the light tends to play havoc with your hair. So add a spray to eliminate UV filter to your morning routine and show the sun who the boss is.

9. Act smart

Remember the stories about chlorine that turns coloured hair into a little green shade? Chlorine can not only change your colour (obviously it does not colour green), but it can also quickly deteriorate. So when you go to the pool, straighten your hair and shape. Apply a layer of conditioner to your hair and twist it into a band to form a barrier to protect yourself from chemical damage. After all, if you wanted to be green, you would have chosen Colorista Spray in Mint.

10. Eat well

The condition – like beauty – starts inside, so nourish your hair from the inside out. Foods rich in fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel will enrich your hair with omega-3 fatty acids, making them shiny and strong. Add walnuts and get vitamin E to help fight dry, brittle hair after colouring and maintaining your natural black hair colour.