Shop Around and Find the Best Deal on Medicare Supplement Plan G 2023

January 19, 2023 Off By admin
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Many people who are eligible for Medicare find themselves confused when it comes time to choose a supplemental plan. There are various plans that offer different levels of coverage, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. To make things easier, let’s take a look at the basics of Medicare Supplement Plan G 2023 and what it can offer you. 

What Is Medicare Supplement Plan G? 

Medicare Supplement Plan G is a supplemental insurance plan that helps cover costs associated with Medicare Parts A and B. It offers coverage for coinsurance and copayments for hospital stays and doctor visits, as well as other benefits such as hospice care, skilled nursing facility care, and some preventive services. It does not cover prescriptions drugs or long-term care services. 

What Does Medicare Supplement Plan G Cover in 2023? 

In 2023, Medicare Supplement Plan G covers coinsurance and copayment costs associated with hospital stays and doctor visits. It also provides coverage for hospice care and skilled nursing facility care up to the limits set by Medicare, as well as preventive services such as physical exams, routine mammograms, immunizations, colorectal screenings, bone density tests, diabetes screenings, flu shots, cancer screenings, glaucoma tests, prostate cancer screening tests and more. Additionally, it covers certain foreign travel emergency expenses up to the limits set by Medicare Part B. 

How Much Does Medicare Supplement Plan G Cost in 2023? 

The cost of your plan will depend on your specific insurer’s rates and other factors such as age or location. Generally speaking however; you can expect premiums of around $150-$200 per month on average depending on your state of residence. Additionally; there may be additional costs associated with the plan such as deductibles or co-payments that must be paid out-of-pocket each time you receive medical treatment or services covered under the plan. Be sure to check with your insurer to get an accurate estimate of what you can expect to pay in premiums and out-of-pocket costs each month before signing up for a plan. 

Things to Consider Before Buying 

Before signing up for any plan, it’s important to consider several factors before making a purchase decision. First, think about whether you will use all of the benefits offered by the plan or if there are certain services that may be unnecessary for your situation. Additionally, consider whether or not the plan covers prescriptions drugs since this may be an important part of your overall healthcare coverage needs. Finally, compare plans from different providers to find one with premiums that fit into your budget while still providing quality coverage options and customer service support when needed. 


Medicare Supplement Plan G is a great option if you’re looking for comprehensive coverage without breaking the bank. In 2023 it offers coverage for coinsurance and copayment costs associated with hospital stays & doctor visits; plus additional benefits such as hospice care & preventive services up to the limits set by Part B of Medicare insurance program . However; premiums & out-of-pocket expenses vary from state depending on your insurer & age so be sure to compare plans & get an accurate quote before signing up for a policy . Ultimately; it’s important that you research all available options in order to find a plan that best fits both your needs & budget!