Things to consider while purchasing the best hair scissors

Things to consider while purchasing the best hair scissors

September 9, 2021 0 By Philip Williams

To have a great haircut, you need to have the best hair scissors. But with so many scissors available in the market, you are bound to be confused as to which one would be the best for you. It would be best if you considered your specific hair cutting need and then chose a scissor accordingly. Some of the basic aspects that you must consider while purchasing scissors are given below.

  • Size of hair shears

The first and foremost important aspect for you to consider is the size of the hair shear. Even professionals make mistakes in this. Due to this specific reason, people tend to return hair scissors that they buy online. In females, few of the common sizes of hair shears are 6’’shears, 5.5’’ shears, and 5’’ shears. On the other hand, common sizes for males are 7’’ shears, 6.5’’ inches, and 6’’ inches.

You need to know the shears size, and then you are supposed to buy the scissors accordingly. If you doubt or do not know shears size, go for 6’’ hair cutting scissors as it is the standard size used by most hairstylists out there.

  • Types of scissors

The next important consideration in purchasing scissors is their type. There are different kinds of scissors available there that you need to know about. Different kinds of scissors are to be used for different purposes. A few such types are short blade scissors, long blade scissors, texturizing thinning scissors, wide chomping thinning scissors, etc.

Each of the above-described scissor types has its functions and features that you should know about. Once you know about such information and details, you will purchase the right one for yourself. Consider the type as per your unique and distinct purpose. For example, thinning scissors are available in various teeth with various purposes and functions fewer teeth, indicating that it takes out more chunks. Knowing the type of scissors makes the job of finding the right scissors extremely easy for you.

  • Scissors handles

Last but not least, a scissor handle is certainly regarded as an essential aspect to consider while looking for the best scissor out there. Various kinds of scissor handles are likely to be different in ergonomics for barbers and hairdressers.

Some of such handle types are offset scissor handles, crane scissor handle, opposing classic scissor handle, and left-handed scissor handle, etc. Among these, offset handles are most commonly used in Australia. This kind of handle comes with a slight offset on the bottom right to provide a more relaxed grip. On the other hand, the opposing classic handle is known to be the oldest style there is. It offers minimal ergonomics, but it is preferred to cut hair for a short period of time.


If you can consider the above aspect properly, then you will easily be able to find the best hair scissor out there without much difficulty. Doing online research about these things and aspects will be the most effective and beneficial for you.