Your Pocket Guide to Keeping Your Colorful Sneakers Bright

Your Pocket Guide to Keeping Your Colorful Sneakers Bright

March 2, 2022 0 By Philip Williams

Colorful sneakers tend to become dull and fade over time if they are not appropriately maintained. They can be faded because of many reasons such as exposure to sunlight, incorrect method of washing, or stains. However, if you take care of your colorful sneakers, they will be bright and beautiful even years later. 

If you are worried that your colorful sneakers will become dull over time, then you should immediately take these steps to prevent that. 

1. Always hand-wash them
A sure way to ruin your sneakers is to machine wash them. Washing machines are too aggressive and hot, so they can easily destroy your favorite sneakers, especially if they are made from leather or suede. 

Instead, it’s best to take your time and hand wash each of your sneakers when they get dirty. Clean them every 1 or 2 months, with mild detergent and a brush. 

2. Do not use bleach
Many people mistake using bleach instead of detergent while washing their sneakers. Bleach discolors anything it touches, so if you accidentally use bleach to clean your shoes, they will fade instantly. 

Always check to see if your detergent has bleach in it. Only use bleach-free detergent to wash sneakers. 

3. Do not keep them in sunlight
Sunlight can easily fade colors from leather or canvas. If you leave a colorful sneaker like the Pollen Jordan 1 in the sun, they will start losing their color and become brittle.

So always store your shoes in a dark and cool place, like your closet. You should also never dry your shoes in the sun. 

4. Use a stain-protector
When you first get your sneakers, put a layer of stain protection spray on them. This will save it from any water, snow, or stain. You can find different stain protectors for different types of shoes. 

If you apply shoe cream to your leather sneakers, it can also act as a stain protectant. 

5. Protect the sole of the shoe
Some sneakers like the Pollen Jordan 1 feature colorful outsoles. To protect the color on the soles, you can use a sole protectant. These are thin plastic sheets that cover the bottom of your shoe.

You can use each of these for a few days up to a week. They will prevent the sole from wearing out or being discolored. 

In a nutshell 

If you want sneakers like Pollen Jordan 1 to maintain their original color, you must keep these points in mind to keep them bright. Luxury shoes like these can cost hundreds of dollars, so it is always a good idea to protect them against staining and discoloration.

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