A guide to understanding the diamond prices in India

A guide to understanding the diamond prices in India

September 22, 2021 0 By Philip Williams

In the world of jewellery, there is nothing as sparkling as a beautiful diamond. Even the smallest of diamonds can add glam to any look. Although most diamonds look the same, each diamond has different specifications intrems of the 4C’s. The diamond price in India and in the other parts of the world are determined on these 4C’s – Cut, Clarity, Colour, & Carat.

Types of diamonds

  1. Natural diamonds

Natural diamonds are mined and usually take billions of years to form under the surface of earth. These are naturally occurring gems that are originally white with few flaws.

  1. Man Made diamonds

Man made/ lab-grown diamonds are created in labs. They are formed by creating the same pressure and environment in the lab similar to a naturally occurred diamond. The machine speeds up the process, which reduces its price when compared to a natural diamond.

  1. Treated diamonds

These are artificially improved versions of diamonds found naturally. These are found in mines, but their attributes are later manipulated for a better and shinier appearance. These treatments are done to sell diamonds that can otherwise not be sold in their natural form.

Factors that affect the diamond price in India

A few significant factors that are responsible for the different diamond price in India are:

  1. Cut

A diamond with an ideal cut would allow more light through the surface. On the contrary, if the depth is too deep or too shallow, the light would not be reflected much, decreasing its value.

  1. Colour

The colour ranges from a perfect colourless to a light yellow – from D to Z, though in reality, it will be a bit difficult to tell. While most people go for near colourless G through J shades since these look as beautiful as D, E, and F, the price difference is enormous.

  1. Clarity

The clarity refers to the marking or the flaws present in the diamond. The clarity ranges from flawless (F) to inclusion (I3). If you do not have a budget, go for the Flawless (F) and Very Very Slightly Inclusion (VVS1/VVS2). However, if you are on a budget, go for the inclusion varieties (I1/I2/I3). Clarity is another factor that changes the diamond price in India and is something you must look into when purchasing a diamond jewellery.

  1. Carat weight

The carat is an essential factor too that influences the diamond price in India; the higher the carat weight, the higher will be the price. Carat is the size of the diamonds and is another factor to consider when buying a diamond.

  1. Diamond shape

If you think that the shape and the cut of the diamond are the same, to your surprise they are not! The cut of the diamond refers to the way the stone reflects and refracts light, while the shape is the actual geometric shape of it. The most common shapes are round, oval, emerald, princess, and marquise and each shape can influence the price of the stone. This is one reason why diamond price varies even if they are of the same carat and are set in similar base metal.

  1. Symmetry

The symmetry of a diamond refers to the shaping, size, and arrangement of the facets of the diamond. The higher the symmetry, the higher will be the diamond price in India.

  1. Polish

The manufacturing process of the diamonds determines how well it is polished. Once the diamond is faceted and cut, the stone is polished – a flawless polishing will increase the diamond price in India, leading to a smooth diamond. On the contrary, a slightly polished one would decrease its price.

  1. Certification

Diamond jewellery that is certified means that the diamond price in India is fair and the best. Any seller that does not provide any certification might sell you diamonds that are not of good quality for a higher price. Therefore, never neglect the certification since it is one of the most important details while purchasing diamonds.

Now that you know what factors influence the diamond price in India, you can confidently shop for one and build your collection!