Best ways to choose your wedding dress

Best ways to choose your wedding dress

June 13, 2021 0 By Philip Williams

The most overwhelming decision for any bride is to choose her wedding dress. Selecting the best dress is important because it’s your special day, and also because it reflects your personality. A lot of wholesale wedding dresses brands are available on the internet – making it more difficult to choose the right one.

In this article, some of the points have been shortlisted to help you choose your best wedding attire.

Choose the styles you like-

Before you shop, make sure you know the kind of look you want. Go through the internet and check out Pinterest or browse few bridal websites to get some ideas on bridal collections. You’ll also find online boutiques that provide special occasion dresses. Make a visual file of all the best collections that you find on the internet. Another great way is to make cutouts from bridal magazines or save pins that you find is attractive to you.

Plan your budget

A wedding involves a huge expenditure which includes your wedding dress and embellishments. Approximately, a wedding garment including the veil and other accessories will be at least 10-15% of the entire wedding cost. Few more extra bucks will be needed if you are getting customized dresses – and shipping charges, of course. Therefore, you need to understand how much you’re willing to spend. Once you decide that, it would be easier to make the choice.

Do not forget to chalk out the non-obvious costs which include- your jewelry, shoes, bag, and other accessories.

Shop early

Do not wait till the last moment! This is one of the major mistakes that brides do. You should shop at least 6 months before your D-Day. Designer dresses will take a month or so to complete the manufacturing process. Therefore, it’s best to book your attire in advance. Certain shops will provide you readymade dresses but you’ll have very limited choice.

Shop early but not too early! Yes, you heard that right! For instance, if you have wedding plans like engagement ceremony, parties, and then the actual wedding affair, then you should shop a little later. That’s because the gown you’re buying for your D-Day might go out of style.

Right size

Note that your bridal dress will be one or two sizes more than your regular-fitting dresses. Might sound horrible, but then it’s ok – no one will know what your actual size is. And even if you have plans to reduce few kilos before your big day, make sure you buy the dress according to the current size. There’s no point buying a smaller-sized dress only to look awkward at the end!

These are some of the tips that you need to follow when buying bridal attire. If you’re buying wholesale bridesmaid dresses from online stores, make sure you check the reputation of the site. Go through the reviews and check what other customers have to say. People who are willing to buy from online stores should check if the site is having the style and the price range that you’re looking for. A reputed site will have all types of the collection- designer formal dresses, prom dresses, etc.