The Advantages and Costs of Hiring a Birth Doula

The Advantages and Costs of Hiring a Birth Doula

June 16, 2021 0 By Philip Williams

A growing number of parents want to avoid medical intervention during birth, and while many hospitals and doctors are letting the process unfold naturally (rather than inducing labour or using other medical means to speed things up), a doula can provide additional assurance that you will have the birth experience you desire. Doulas, on the other hand, aren’t exclusively for parents and families who want an unmedicated birth. They are capable of providing much-needed labour and delivery assistance to anyone who requests it. And the ideal doula won’t pass judgment on your pain-relieving choices — or on anything else. 

Doula Birth Services are given by a trained professional who assists new and expectant parents with emotional, physical, and informational assistance before, during, and after birth, as well as in the early postpartum period. A doula is a professional pregnancy companion whose mission is to assist families in having a safe, healthy, and enjoyable labour. Doulas are divided into two categories: birth doulas and postpartum doulas. During pregnancy, labour, and delivery, a birth doula can help. As the name implies, a postpartum doula assists the family throughout the postpartum period, which is the first few weeks after the baby is born.

The advantages of having a doula present during labour have been demonstrated in numerous research. When a doula was present, there were a very high number of positive birth outcomes, according to a new study. Women who had their support were less likely to be given pain relievers and were less likely to have a caesarean birth. Women also said they had a better time during childbirth. Other studies have found that having a doula on the birth team reduces the total caesarean rate by 50%, labour length by 25%, oxytocin use by 40%, and epidural requests by 60%. During labour, doulas frequently use the power of touch and massage to relieve stress and anxiety.

The type of doula you hire will be determined by your needs, budget, and local possibilities. The majority of women looking for doulas are looking for birth doulas. Others, on the other hand, may prefer postpartum doulas (who focus on infant care, such as feeding and diapering) or doulas who can assist them while trying to conceive, taking fertility treatments, or having an abortion. Fees might range from $500 to $3,500 or more, depending on the sort of doula and his or her level of experience. One to three prenatal appointments, labour and birth support, one to two postpartum visits, and unlimited phone, text message, and email help before and after birth are usually included in this amount.

There’s some good news if you’re anxious about how you’ll pay for a doula. While you may have to pay for it out of cash, you may be able to cover at least a portion of the cost because certain health insurance companies cover doula services. Doulas are currently covered by Medicaid in several states, and comparable legislation is being considered in others.