Essential tips to consider when buying bridal jewellery

Essential tips to consider when buying bridal jewellery

August 16, 2021 0 By Philip Williams

Every young lady dreams of being a princess at her wedding. When you are settling in with your new family, meeting new people, and welcoming new relationships, it is easy to overlook your purchasing details. Jewellery is important for every Indian bride. Bridal jewellery is quite popular at weddings in this country. For all the brides-to-be planning their big day, here are some tips to assist you in choosing your bridal jewellery.

Do not overemphasise


Avoid overdoing your jewellery because it takes away all your radiance. Some do add a flashy accent to the bride’s attire. Do away with them by selecting delicate and lovely Indian bridal jewellery designs like minimalistic bangle designs.


Understand your neckline


Some women’s necklines are delicate and narrow, while others are conspicuous and large. When it comes to selecting bridal jewellery, knowing your neckline is crucial. A bib necklace, for example, might not be ideal for someone with a narrow neckline. It would cast a sloppy shadow over other jewellery pieces. If you have a broad, thin, petite, or stiletto neck, you should be aware of it before starting your bridal jewellery search on jewellery online portals.


Understand the wedding fabric


It does not take time to inspect the dress, fabric, style, and match it with your bridal diamond jewellery. This is because wedding garments include heavy work such as Zardosi, and the wedding dresses get decided beforehand. Inspecting the bridal jewellery designs from all angles ensures they do not cause a problem when attached to the dress or peels off the fabric design.


Understand the jewellery colour


Some South Indian bridal jewellery comes in yellow, deep brownish tinge tones, and so on. These are simply the results of many artistries. Matching the jewellery tones to that of your bridal saree or lehenga is a brilliant idea. It assures uniformity, and you undoubtedly appear stunning. If you want to try your hand at something new, pastels are the latest craze.

Match jewellery with occasions


Weddings are full of rites, some elaborate, some modest, some done with pomp and show. Wear your bridal jewellery according to the occasion while you treasure each minute of your wedding. South Indian Jewellery sets, for example, include a Vaddanam, Vanki, Haram, Necklace, Earrings, intricate bangle designs, and Maang Tikka, although the entire set may not be appropriate for every ritual.

To blend with the event, do light online jeweller shopping for your Haldi ceremony, and a hefty Kundan set with Jhumkas for your wedding ceremony.


Designs with reusability factor

It is the most important considerations for all brides. Rather than keeping all the bridal jewellery in lockers, it is a good idea to look for versions that can get reused. For easier exploration, look for gold bridal jewellery with removable hooks or convertible jewellery worn as a Haram, Locket, Vanki, Vaddanam, and Necklace, among other things.

Cocktail and stackable rings


Make the large cocktail rings a part of your bridal trousseau. They are eye-catching and highly flexible party wear rings ideal for the reception. You not only show off that big ring but also wear it for future celebrations. Stackable rings are another item that should be part of your bridal jewellery. If you look for inventive jewellery online and bridal gold Jewellery designs with prices, you find many options.

Earrings and hairstyles combinations


While getting ready, think about the different hairstyles that complement your earrings. Some earrings look great with a bun, while others look fantastic with plaited hair. It is best to bring a tiny sample of your bridal jewellery along with your outfit.

For broad foreheads


Maang Tikkas are indispensable. They gracefully make their way into practically every feasible wedding as part of the bridal jewellery. Brides with broad foreheads should select a large Maang Tikka, and those who have narrow foreheads should opt for smaller ones. Brides with a smaller forehead should wear smaller Maang Tikkas to accentuate their beauty. When you go online jewellery shopping, remember these points.