Getting to understand some of the code words used by Warzone fans

Getting to understand some of the code words used by Warzone fans

August 18, 2021 0 By Philip Williams

When playing Warzone, it takes players a lot of struggles to find their supplies and, at the same time, buy the things required to stay alive and win.  It takes so much strategy and perseverance for a win to come by, but with Warzone aimbot and teamwork, victory will surely come.

Read of the hilarious Call of Duty hilarity that is best understood by the fans:

Why should you pay when Warzone is free?

Some players are laughing at others who had to buy the full game. It felt like a great idea to buy it at that time,  but at the moment, with the CoD hacks, many people are discarding the ideas for in-game they purchased and instead embracing the free Warzone.

It is like a waste of money when you look at it from that perspective, and the players who didn’t buy are now boasting about this fact as they play their free game. It sounds unfair that some paid for a game that is currently free,  though others were smart and waited for it to be free.

John Wick is unkillable

It is a player who was faced with an impossible bounty, as they were assigned the task of having to kill John Wick at a whopping $3000, which is a lot of money that can be utilized to buy a lot of supplies, but that is more than what they bargained for.

The names that players ended up picking are ridiculous, with many possibilities existing. It is possible to start seeing  Chuck Norris before long as more players embrace the trend as far as in-games are concerned and are likely to show on the bounty.

Tomogunchi trumps warzone

Before the new game was released, the users were given by the developer to be able to purchase a Tomogunchi watch.  It is a spectacular watch as it changes and grows based on the way it changes.

So many have been hyped by the new game mode, while some tend to be obsessed still with the watch.  It is a meme that explains the players’ frustations entirely as they keep trying to help the souls of those obsessed with the Tomogunchi to become obsessed with the real thing – the Warzone.

Warzone has killed all of them

People are in love with the new battle royale game – Warzone. But with, so many other games have had to die. Some players have left other popular games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and Black ops.

The fans cannot help but laugh at the real truth in the meme because the new mode game has trumped all the other games. The developers of the Warzone feel like they are ruling the gaming world as they continue to ensure that the game becomes better for it to gain more players than what the competitors have.